5 Best RV Propane Tank Covers For Enhanced Protection During Your Van Life Journeys In 2024

When it comes to RV living and campervan adventures, safety and aesthetics play a crucial role. Propane tank covers are not just functional accessories; they’re vital for protecting your RV’s propane tanks from external elements while enhancing the overall look of your vehicle. Choosing the right propane tank cover can be a game-changer specially for your road trip experiences and off-grid living. Moreover, as this world of RV accessories and camping gear is ever-evolving. In this guide, we have extensively researched, reviewed, and ranked the 5 best RV propane tank covers for better protection van life journeys in 2024. This ensures you can pick the best propane tank covers for your RV from the many choices.

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Our Top Picks For The 5 Best RV Propane Tank Covers for Better Protection Van Life Adventures In 2024

1. Best Overall: Camco Dual Propane Tank Cover

2. Best Dual Option: Flame King Dual 20LB LP RV Propane Tank Cover

3. Best Single Option: Camco Single RV Propane Tank Cover

4. Best Camping Option: Outland Living Firebowl

5. Best Budget Option: BroilPro Accessories Propane Tank Cover

What Is The Best RV Propane Tank Cover for Better Safety And Protection In Camper Van Living?

In the quest for the ultimate RV propane tank cover, choices abound, each offering unique benefits. These covers, essential for RV safety and functionality, not only protect your propane tanks from harsh weather but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your campervan or motorhome. As we navigate through this crowded market, it becomes crucial to discern which propane tank covers truly stand out in terms of durability, design, and overall efficiency. This guide aims to simplify that choice, showcasing the top 5 covers that meet the diverse needs of the modern RV enthusiast. Finding the perfect propane tank cover is a step toward a safer and more enjoyable journey.

1. Best Overall: Camco Dual Propane Tank Cover

Quick Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Camco
  • Brand: Camco
  • Model: Camco
  • Item Weight: 10.4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 27.5 x 17.8 x 16 inches
  • Compatibility: Fits two 30 lb steel tanks
  • Material: Heavy-duty, sun-resilient polymer

As RV enthusiasts, we understand the importance of protecting our propane tanks during travel. The Camco Camper RV Dual Propane Tank Cover is a standout choice for this very reason. It’s not just a cover; it’s a shield against the unpredictable elements encountered on the road. Its sturdy construction and custom molded design ensure our propane tanks are safe and secure.

The cover’s hinged top panel offers convenient access to gas valves, making it a breeze to check levels or switch tanks. We appreciate this ease of use, especially during long road trips. The heavy-duty polymer material stands up to the harsh sun, ensuring the cover remains resilient trip after trip. And the sleek white design adds a touch of sophistication to our RV’s exterior.


  1. Shields propane tanks from road debris and weather conditions.
  2. The hinged panel provides quick access to gas valves.
  3. Sun-resilient polymers extend the cover’s lifespan.
  4. The white color and design enhance RV aesthetics.


  1. Only fits two 30 lb steel tanks, limiting its compatibility.
  2. At 10.4 pounds, it’s slightly heavier than some alternatives.

The Camco Camper RV Dual Propane Tank Cover is an excellent investment for RV owners. Its combination of durability, functionality, and style makes it the right choice for protecting propane tanks. Its robust construction and thoughtful design cater to the practical needs of RVers,

2. Best Dual Option: Flame King Dual 20LB LP RV Propane Tank Cover

Quick Specifications

  • Brand: Flame King
  • Item Weight: 5.81 pounds
  • Dimensions: 29 x 14 x 19.5 inches
  • Material: Heavy-duty polypropylene
  • Fits: Two 20 lb steel propane tanks

In the world of RVing, securing your propane tanks is paramount, and the Flame King Dual 20LB LP Propane Tank Cover stands out for this very purpose. Its robust and sleek design not only secures the tanks but also adds a modern touch to our RV’s exterior. The ease of installation, taking less than 10 minutes. This is a significant relief, especially for those of us who prefer a quick setup.

The cover’s unique design with easy access ports on the side allows us to effortlessly see and adjust the regulator without removing the entire cover. This feature is a game-changer, offering convenience and saving time during our camping and travel trailer adventures. Moreover, its heavy-duty polypropylene material ensures durability and long-lasting protection against all kinds of debris and weather conditions.


  1. Shields against flying debris and sun damage.
  2. Side and top ports for easy valve and regulator adjustments.
  3. At just 5.81 pounds, it’s easy to handle and install.
  4. Sleek black design enhances the RV’s exterior.


  1. Only suitable for two 20 lb steel propane tanks.
  2. Available only in black, which may not suit all preferences.

The Flame King Dual 20LB LP Propane Tank Cover is an exceptional choice for RV owners seeking a balance between functionality and style. Its innovative design, coupled with user-friendly features, makes it a top dual RV propane tank cover contender in our list. It’s the ideal solution for those who prioritize ease of use, durability, and aesthetic value in their RV accessories.

3. Best Single Option: Camco Single RV Propane Tank Cover

Quick Specifications

  • Brand: Camco
  • Item Weight: 2.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.37 x 18.68 x 19.43 inches
  • Material: Heavy-duty polymer
  • Compatibility: Fits 20 lb. steel single tanks

When it comes to enhancing our RV experience, protecting our equipment is paramount. The Camco Single RV Propane Tank Cover is a crucial addition for anyone with a single 20 lb. steel propane tank. Its sleek design and robust construction make it an indispensable accessory for our RV travels and camping trips.

The cover’s heavy-duty polymer construction offers superior protection against road debris and sun damage, ensuring long-term durability. Weighing only 2.9 pounds makes it easy to handle and install along with its lightweight design,  Furthermore, the removable top panel provides convenient access to gas valves, simplifying maintenance and tank changes. This blend of protection, accessibility, and ease of use makes it a favorite among RV owners.


  1. Shields the tank from road debris and sun.
  2. Removable top allows quick access to gas valves.
  3. Easy to handle and install due to its low weight.
  4. Made of heavy-duty polymer for lasting use.


  1. Designed only for single 20 lb. tanks.
  2. Available in black, which might not suit all RV styles.

The Camco Single RV Propane Tank Cover stands out as the right choice for those with a single propane tank. Its combination of durability, ease of use, and effective protection. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time RVer, this cover ensures your propane tank is safe and secure, adding peace of mind to your journeys.

4. Best Camping Option: Outland Living Firebowl

Quick Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Outland Living
  • Item Weight: 1.57 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 18 inches
  • Material: Polyester DACRON400D – UV & Water Resistant
  • Style: Cover + Tabletop
  • Shape: Cylindrical
  • Compatibility: Fits Standard 20 lb Tank Cylinder

For those of us who revel in the joys of RV camping and outdoor living, the Outland Living Firebowl 740 Propane Gas Tank Cover is a revelation. This isn’t just a cover; it’s a versatile accessory that enhances the outdoor experience. Its unique design not only protects the propane tank but also transforms it into a functional tabletop.

The cover’s UV and weather-resistant fabric is a boon, ensuring that the tank is shielded from the elements, be it the scorching sun or relentless rain. We particularly love the functional aspects of this cover: the perimeter zippered top for easy valve access, the elasticized bands for a snug fit, and the side flap that neatly accommodates the hose. Furthermore, the sturdy hard top feature provides an extra surface for placing drinks or snacks, making it perfect for outdoor gatherings.


  1. Transforms the tank into a functional tabletop.
  2. Zippered top and side flap for convenient valve and hose access.
  3. Made from UV and water-resistant material.
  4. Ventilation grommets and storage pocket enhance functionality.


  1. Designed specifically for standard 20 lb tanks.
  2. Currently only available in black.

The Outland Living Firebowl 740 Propane Gas Tank Cover is an excellent choice for camping enthusiasts seeking functionality and style. It not only offers superior protection for your propane tank but also adds a touch of elegance to your RV setup. Ideal for use with various outdoor propane appliances, this cover is a top contender in our list, particularly for its innovative design and practical features.

5. Best Budget Option: BroilPro Accessories Propane Tank Cover

Quick Specifications

  • Package Dimensions: 7.44 x 6.02 x 2.64 inches
  • Item Weight: 7.8 ounces
  • Brand: BroilPro Accessories
  • Material: Heavy Duty Vinyl with 300D Polyester lining
  • Closure Type: Pull On

For RV enthusiasts who are mindful of their budget, the BroilPro Accessories Propane Tank Cover is a standout option. This cover, with its heavy-duty vinyl and polyester lining, promises both durability and affordability. It’s an ideal choice for protecting your 20-pound steel propane cylinder, particularly if you’re conscious of cost without compromising on quality.

The design of the BroilPro cover, which easily accommodates standard 20-lb propane tanks, is both practical and efficient. Its unique pull-on closure type ensures a snug fit, safeguarding the tank from the elements. Additionally, this cover excels in preventing premature fading and sun damage, a common issue with outdoor equipment. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to handle, which we find particularly useful during frequent travels.


  1. Offers excellent protection at a budget-friendly price.
  2. Made of materials that resist fading and sun damage.
  3. Pull-on closure ensures a quick and easy fit.
  4. Its low weight makes it convenient for frequent use.


  1. Specifically designed for 20-lb propane tanks.
  2. Lacks some advanced features of more expensive models.

In our opinion the BroilPro Accessories Propane Tank Cover is the a budget-friendly option on our list of top RV propane tank covers. Its combination of affordability, functionality, and ease of use makes it a wise choice for cost-conscious RVers. This cover proves that you don’t need to spend a lot to get reliable protection for your propane tank.

Understanding Propane Tank Covers for RVs

In the world of RV travel and campervan living, propane tank covers are not just accessories; they are essential components for safety and aesthetics. Whether you’re a weekend warrior in your minivan camper or a full-time dweller in a luxury motorhome, understanding the nuances of propane tank covers is crucial. This comprehensive section delves into their basic functions, various types, role in safety, and aesthetic contributions to your RV.

Definition and Basic Functions

Propane tank covers, a staple in RV accessories, serve crucial roles beyond mere coverage. Primarily, they protect propane tanks from environmental factors like sun, rain, and road debris, which are common in off-grid living and nomadic lifestyles. They also conceal the tanks, integrating them seamlessly into your RV’s design, crucial for maintaining a sleek campervan layout or motorhome chassis.

Types of Propane Tank Covers

Diverse in design and material, propane tank covers cater to the wide array of RV models, from class A motorhomes to compact travel trailers. Materials range from heavy-duty polymers to weather-resistant fabrics, each offering varying degrees of protection and durability. Designs can vary, too, from simple slip-on covers to more intricate models with access panels and ventilation systems, crucial for RV safety and efficiency.

Role in RV Safety

Safety is paramount in RV living, and propane tank covers play a significant role. By protecting tanks from external damage and preventing gas leaks, they contribute significantly to the overall safety of your RV. This is especially crucial for those invested in full-time RV living and families embracing the 7-seater travel lifestyle in their minivans.

Aesthetic Value

Beyond functionality, propane tank covers also enhance the visual appeal of your RV. With options ranging from sleek black to custom designs, they add a touch of personal style to your vehicle. This is particularly appreciated by those who pride themselves on their DIY camper builds or are keen on maintaining the stylish appearance of their luxury motorhomes.

Understanding the different aspects of propane tank covers is essential for any RV owner. They are not just practical necessities for generator storage or RV maintenance; they are integral to the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of your mobile abode. As we explore the top RV propane tank covers, keep these key points in mind to choose the cover that best suits your RV lifestyle and needs.

Do You Need A Propane Tank Cover for Your RV?

Navigating the world of RV living often involves making decisions about accessories that enhance safety and functionality. Among these, propane tank covers stand out as a subject of debate. Do they simply add aesthetic value, or are they a necessity for RV maintenance and campervan safety? This section aims to assess their importance, examine key influencing factors, and explore the benefits they offer beyond safety.

Assessing the Necessity

Determining whether you need a propane tank cover for your RV isn’t just a matter of personal preference. It’s about understanding the role these covers play in the overall maintenance and longevity of your vehicle. Whether you own a luxury motorhome or a self-built campervan, the necessity of a propane tank cover can vary based on specific needs and the type of RV camping you enjoy.

Key Influencing Factors

The decision to use a propane tank cover is influenced by several factors. Climate plays a significant role; harsh sun or freezing temperatures can impact the tank’s integrity. Frequent road trips and off-grid living conditions also dictate the need for a cover, as constant exposure to the elements can wear down your propane tanks. Additionally, how and where you store your RV – be it in a RV park or a home driveway – can influence the necessity of a propane tank cover.

Benefits Beyond Safety

While safety is a primary concern, propane tank covers offer additional advantages. They extend the life of your tanks by protecting them from the elements, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Cleanliness is another factor; covers keep your tanks free from dust, debris, and critters, a common concern for those who enjoy boondocking or have solar setups on their RVs.

Whether or not you need a propane tank cover for your RV depends on various factors, each significant in its own right. From enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle to ensuring the longevity and cleanliness of your propane tanks, these covers play a multifaceted role.

How To Choose The Right Propane Tank Cover for Your RV

It’s an investment in your RV’s longevity and functionality to select the right propane tank cover for your RV. From DIY camper builds to luxury motorhomes, finding the perfect cover can be a daunting task with the vast array of options available. This guide aims to navigate you through the essentials of choosing the right propane tank cover, ensuring that your selection is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound for your RV lifestyle.

Size and Compatibility

The key to finding the perfect propane tank cover starts with sizing and compatibility. It’s crucial to choose a cover that fits your specific RV model and propane tank size. Whether you have a minivan converted for camping or a Class A motorhome, the right size ensures effective coverage and protection.

Material and Durability

Material selection is critical when it comes to the durability of propane tank covers. Materials range from hardy plastics to resilient metals and versatile fabrics, each offering different levels of durability and protection. Assessing the typical conditions your RV faces, from off-grid living challenges to regular campsite stays, will guide you in choosing the most durable material for your needs.

Weather Resistance and Longevity

Propane tank covers should withstand various weather conditions, from the scorching sun in RV parks to the frosty temperatures encountered in winterizing RVs. A good cover will offer longevity, maintaining its integrity and appearance over time, regardless of the weather challenges it faces.

Design and Customization

Finally, the design and customization of propane tank covers play a vital role. These covers not only serve a functional purpose but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of your RV. With options ranging from sleek, modern designs to customizable covers, you can choose a style that reflects your personal taste and complements your RV’s appearance.

Selecting the right propane tank cover for your RV requires careful consideration of size, material, weather resistance, and design. By focusing on these key aspects, you can ensure that your propane tank is well-protected, contributing to both the safety and visual appeal of your RV adventure.

Installation and Maintenance of Propane Tank Covers

In the dynamic world of RVing, the installation and maintenance of propane tank covers are crucial for safeguarding your journey. Whether you’re cruising in a luxury motorhome or a custom DIY camper, a well-installed and maintained propane tank cover is key. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the installation process, share best practices for maintenance, and help troubleshoot common issues, ensuring your RV’s propane tanks are always in top condition.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Installing a propane tank cover might seem intimidating, but with the right guidance, it’s quite straightforward. This section provides detailed instructions tailored to various types of covers, whether they’re for minivan conversions or full-size RVs. You’ll learn how to securely fit covers, ensuring they protect your propane tanks effectively, no matter your RV model or travel frequency.

Maintenance Best Practices

Regular maintenance of your propane tank cover is as important as its installation. This segment offers practical tips to clean and maintain your cover, which in turn extends its lifespan. From simple cleaning techniques to storage advice, these best practices are designed to keep your cover in prime condition, ensuring it continues to protect your propane tanks through all your camping and boondocking adventures.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Even the best propane tank covers can encounter issues. This part of the guide addresses common problems you might face, from fit issues in campervan layouts to wear and tear in off-grid living situations. You’ll find easy-to-follow solutions and preventative measures, helping you avoid potential headaches during your RV travels.

Understanding the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of propane tank covers is invaluable for any RV owner. These covers are not just accessories; they are critical components that ensure the safety and efficiency of your RV.

Design and Aesthetics of Propane Tank Covers

Delving into the realm of propane tank covers, it’s clear that their design and aesthetics are just as crucial as their practicality. This segment of the guide sheds light on the diverse design variations available, the significant impact these covers have on your RV’s appearance, and the customization options that allow for a personal touch.

Exploring Style Variations

The range of designs in propane tank covers is as varied as the RV lifestyle itself. This section highlights the wide spectrum of styles, from minimalist and modern to ornate and traditional. Understanding these options will guide RV enthusiasts in choosing a cover that not only meets their functional needs but also aligns with their aesthetic preferences.

Impact on RV’s Overall Look

The choice of a propane tank cover can subtly yet significantly alter the exterior look of your RV. This part examines how the right cover can enhance the visual appeal of your vehicle, complementing its overall design theme and making a statement at every stop and campsite.

Customization Options

Personalization is key in the world of RVs, and propane tank covers are no exception. This segment discusses the customization possibilities, offering insights into how RV owners can tailor these covers to reflect their personal style or to harmonize with the existing color scheme and design elements of their RV.

The design and aesthetic aspects of propane tank covers are an integral part of the RV experience. They not only offer protection but also provide an opportunity for RV owners to express their style and enhance the overall charm of their mobile abode.

Safety Considerations and Compliance

When it comes to RV life, safety is paramount, especially regarding propane tank covers. These covers are not just about aesthetics; they play a vital role in ensuring the safety and compliance of your RV or motorhome. This comprehensive guide delves into the critical aspects of safety standards, how these covers contribute to overall RV safety, and tips for selecting covers that meet stringent industry standards.

Safety Standards and Regulations

Navigating the maze of safety standards and regulations for propane tank covers is crucial for any RV owner. This section provides an overview of the various safety standards and regulatory compliances that these covers must adhere to. Understanding these requirements is essential, whether you’re a full-time RVer or enjoy occasional camping trips in your travel trailer or camper van.

Contribution to RV Safety

Propane tank covers do more than just cover your tanks; they significantly enhance the safety of your RV during travel and storage. This part of the article offers a detailed analysis of how these covers protect against external elements, prevent accidental damage, and ensure the safe operation of your propane tanks. This information is particularly beneficial for those engaged in off-grid living or boondocking in their RVs.

Selecting Compliant Covers

Choosing a propane tank cover that complies with industry safety standards is crucial. This segment provides practical tips and insights on selecting covers that not only meet but exceed these safety benchmarks. Whether you’re outfitting a luxury motorhome or a self-built campervan, these tips will help ensure your propane tanks are safely and adequately covered.

Understanding the safety considerations and compliance requirements of propane tank covers is key to a safe and enjoyable RV experience.Remember that safety should always be a top priority. These covers are an essential component of your RV’s safety toolkit, offering peace of mind as you embark on your RV adventures.

Cost Analysis and Budgeting for Propane Tank Covers

When outfitting your RV with essential accessories like propane tank covers, understanding the cost implications is crucial. Whether you own a luxury motorhome or a modest campervan, budgeting for these covers involves navigating various price points and balancing cost with quality. This section breaks down the factors affecting the cost, offers tips for budgeting, and explores how to balance affordability with the need for durability and safety in your propane tank cover.

Understanding Price Ranges

The market for propane tank covers offers a broad spectrum of prices, influenced by factors such as material quality, design complexity, and brand reputation. This part of the article will explore these price-influencing factors, helping you understand why some covers cost more and how to discern value for money. Whether you’re engaged in full-time RV living or occasional weekend camping, this insight will guide your purchasing decisions.

Budgeting Tips

Investing in a high-quality propane tank cover is essential, but it doesn’t have to strain your finances. This segment provides practical advice on how to budget for a propane tank cover that meets your needs without breaking the bank. From setting realistic budget limits to exploring cost-effective options, these tips are invaluable for both seasoned RV travelers and those new to the nomadic lifestyle.

Cost vs. Quality

Finding the sweet spot between affordability and quality is a common challenge in the RV accessory market. This section delves into how to balance these two aspects, ensuring that you invest in a cover that offers both durability and safety without overspending. It’s about making informed choices, whether you’re equipping a self-built campervan or enhancing a luxury RV.

Navigating the costs and budgeting for propane tank covers requires a strategic approach, especially in the diverse world of RVing. Keep in mind these cost analyses and budgeting strategies to make a choice that aligns with your financial plan and RV lifestyle needs. Remember, a wise investment in a propane tank cover not only protects your tanks but also contributes to the safety and longevity of your RV adventures.

The Ultimate Choice: Selecting the Right Propane Tank Cover for Your RV

Choosing the perfect propane tank cover for your RV is more than a quick decision; it’s about finding the right fit for your lifestyle on the road. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential factors to consider, how to balance functionality with style, and tips for making that all-important final choice. Whether you’re prepping for a weekend getaway or living full-time in your RV, picking the right cover is key.

Summarizing Key Considerations

Let’s start with the essentials: what really matters when picking a propane tank cover? Here, we revisit the crucial points – from ensuring the cover can withstand various weather conditions to checking its compatibility with your RV model. It’s about covering all bases, ensuring your choice keeps your propane tank safe and sound, no matter where your travels take you.

Balancing Practicality and Aesthetics

Who says functional can’t be stylish? This section is all about finding a propane tank cover that not only does its job but also looks good doing it. Whether you’re driving a sleek modern RV or a cozy, retro-style camper, we’ll help you find a cover that matches your vehicle’s vibe while offering top-notch protection.

Making the Final Decision

Now, it’s decision time. We provide you with final pointers to help you choose the best propane tank cover for your needs. From weighing up different features to considering your budget, this guide aims to help you make a choice you’ll be happy with for many miles and adventures to come.

Selecting the right propane tank cover is a crucial step in gearing up your RV. It’s about marrying safety with style, practicality with personal preference. AKeep these tips in mind to make a choice that’s just right for your RV and your adventures ahead.

Final Words

In the realm of RV maintenance, the choice of an ideal propane tank cover stands as a pivotal decision, one that intertwines both safety and aesthetics. As we journeyed through the guide, the emphasis on selecting a cover that not only protects but also enhances your RV’s appearance became crystal clear. Moreover, this choice goes beyond mere visual appeal, anchoring firmly in the realm of safety – a paramount concern for every RV enthusiast.

This critical aspect ensures that you spend more time enjoying the open road and less on maintenance woes. Additionally, the cover’s role in keeping your tanks discreet and neatly tucked away cannot be overstated, contributing to a sleeker and more organized exterior.

As we conclude, let’s reiterate the key takeaway: an informed decision in selecting the best propane tank cover is not just a matter of choice, but a necessity. It’s a fusion of functionality, safety, and style – elements that every discerning RV owner values. Therefore, let your decision be guided by knowledge, and let that choice reflect your commitment to both safety and aesthetics in your cherished recreational vehicle.

Related FAQs

What are the primary benefits of using a propane tank cover for my RV?

Propane tank covers primarily protect your tanks from environmental elements and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your RV.

Can propane tank covers fit all sizes of tanks?

Not all covers fit all tank sizes, so it’s important to choose a cover that specifically matches the size of your RV’s propane tanks.

Are propane tank covers necessary for safety reasons?

Yes, they add a layer of safety by shielding the tanks from external damage and reducing the risk of gas leaks.

How do I maintain my propane tank cover?

Regular cleaning with mild soap and water, along with periodic inspections for damage, is essential for maintaining your propane tank cover.

Can I access my propane tanks easily with the cover on?

Most propane tank covers are designed for easy access, often featuring a removable top or side panel for convenient tank management.

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